From Ego to Eco

We are at a crossroad of time: to save ourselves from dire issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, drought, hunger and violence. Or not, and face the consequences...

We can turn this tide IF we serve Planet Earth and all its inhabitants simultaneously.

How? We shift our mindset and behaviour from Ego to Eco. And from Egosystems to Ecosystems.

Equality between Humans and Nature.


Together we are never too small to make a difference.

Creating unique value for a Sustainable Future for ALL

ego2eco sustainable leadership journeys

Immerse yourself into nature and explore your inner and outer world.

Whether that is close by home or further away, the experience will be similar to the same. 

Take the adventure and dive deep and find your true authentic Self, and shift from Ego to Eco.

Become an Eco Leader!

Explore. Enjoy. Experience.

coaching & workshops

Together, we will explore your questions and problems, while iEarth coaches you to find your own answers and solutions.

Find your true authentic Self, and start the shift from Ego to Eco in a 2 hour workshop and/or coaching session on and/or offline. 

Explore. Enjoy. Experience.

New business model

iEarth is not a regular business. It is a social enterprise with a business and a fund side for individuals and/or projects.

Steps to how we work

Step 1

We first do an intake and talk about your wishes, vision and goals of Ego2Eco Leadership & Coaching. 

Step 2

We go into the Theory of Ego2Eco and we delve into your Vision of the future. 

Step 3

We work backwards from Vision towards the Present, and step by step to the Future. Different tools are used to make the Vision a reality.

Step 4

A prototype of the Vision is being developed, and so you can go home / to work and put it in practice. 

After coaching and guidance is also given if necessary. 

What they say

Lavina is a seasoned trainer and coach who can draw knowledge from a brought background.

She uses various angles and experiences in her training, combining an academic foundation, with techniques from professional sports, linking it to nature and environment.

Through active listening and reflection she connects personal aspects to nature and the greater environment, by keeping the client in the focus.

Holger Grupe

Sustainability Enthusiast & Marketing Expert

Lavinia is an intelligent, thoughtful and positive leadership coach with a genuine passion for people and the environment. I'm happy to recommend Lavinia as a coach who will challenge your thinking with her well educated viewpoints and unique perspective.

Brian York


What you say



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Let us serve Planet Earth and all its Inhabitants. 

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