Who? Why?


Lavinia Warnars ( Linkidin) is the founder of iEarthnl and she is a visionair and passionate entrepreneur, researcher and coach. Her second passions are for mental health (see LaviniaWarnars) and rock climbing (see Conscious Climbing). 

The seed for iEarthnl started years ago when Lavinia founded her first business, Lavinia´s Eco Solutions (LES). Passionate as she is, she gave it all for the benefit of humans and the planet. However, LES was too small and Lavinia needed more experience. She worked for several years in companies and organisations and her aspirations for another social enterprise grew. This time she wanted it to be focussed more on Leadership, Coaching & Trainings and therefore, the idea of iEarthnl was born. 

Lavinia has a (Cum Laude) MSc. In Social & Political Sciences of the Environment and an Advanced Master in International Development. Furthermore, she has extensive experience in the mental health sector, and has followed plenty of other trainings, e.g. Theory U. This is all combined within her work with iEarthnl. 


Because Earth and its inhabitants need healing with innovative ideas and projects to do so. By motivating others to do good, we do good. 

How / Philosophy

Natural Leadership & Ego to Eco:

iEarthnl´s vision is both based on Natural Leadership and the EGo to Eco Philosophy. 

Natural Leadership is based on nature as well as the natural flow of your authenthiciy, which is able to lead you and others to their Highest Possible Self. This is also related to the Eco - vision. 

The Ego (see picture) is on ´top´ of everything: men, women, animals, plants, and other (natural) aspects. It ´feeds´ on more (materials, status, money, power, etc). This is called the ´bad ego/the unhealthy ego´. Not something we should strive for, because we rather like the following:

The Eco (see picture) means: equality between humans, animals, and other natural aspects and it can be seen as the ´healthy´ ego, beacause you need a healthy ego for confidence, setting healthy boundaries and healthy behaviour in order to survive. We need to get out of the ´bad/unhealthy´ ego and into the healthy ego/eco. iEarthnl supports people and organisations who are willing to undertake that shift from Ego to Eco. 


iEarthnl offers several services and activities:

1. Natural Leadership Journey´s.

2. Coaching, trainings and presenations & workshops.

3. Research, consultancy and advice:

- Research: about the ego to eco shift on: (1) Individual level; (2) Organisational/business level and leadership; (3) Governance level. 

- Consultancy & Advice: to companies, organisations and others. 

4. (Own) Projects & Campaigns as well as supporting others in their acitons. 

5. Media: Blogs, Writings (books&articles), Social Media and Video´s, Movies & Documentaries. 

6. Suggestions for other activities? Contact us via info@iearth.nl.

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