October 27, 2021

Ego2Eco Story & Workshops

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My Ego2Eco Story & Workshops

It is 2011 and I just moved to Oxford to do a PhD there on Ego2Eco. However, once I was there, it didn’t feel right to write about Ego2Eco while I myself was still at the beginning of that process. Next to other personal issues, I had to stop Oxford and return to the Netherlands. Then, my whole spiritual and Ego2Eco journey really began.
I moved to The Hague and started a prestigious Advanced Master in International Development. A year long traineeship at Hivos, a development organization. After that, I was accepted as project employee for the Global Parliament of Mayors – a global mayor 2 mayor platform. One of my favorite jobs so far. For around a year I worked there, and then I had to go other places. I developed my three own websites and businesses in sustainability, (mental) health and sports.
What have I learned from all this?
That whatever you want in life, You can get if you set your mind to it. That perseverance, determination, ambition and stubbornness go together and strengthen each other. That Ego2Eco is an inner process first, and then an outer one, which is a continuous cycle of trying to find the balance between a healthy Ego while supporting the Eco.
Am I there yet? No, and I never really will be, because it is a never ending continous process. That’s the beauty of it. But we still have a bit of time to change ourselves for the better of the planet.
To get an idea of what that Ego2Eco process looks like, here is the graph I developed which is based on Theory U of Otto Scharmer and the Grief Cycle of Köbler Ross.
Do you need an explanation of it? A workshop in it? To shift yourself and/or your organization or business into sustainable ones? Please contact me and I will support you in it.
To get an idea of the Ego2Eco Shift, you can check out the 7 Principles of Ego2Eco.

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