April 8, 2020

Corona – The Opportunity within a Crisis

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Corona, Corona, Corona...


I´m getting a bit tired of it, but ok. Of course it is important to focus on the crisis, getting people better and healthy, while avoiding as many casualties as possible. But the severe crisis, at least in the Netherlands, seems to subside, so there is time and room for other subjects again. Like Ego2Eco and Sustainability.

This time is excellent to overthink our actions towards each other, and towards Earth. We have time to reflect, learn, and put other things in practice. And what we should. But how?

1.First of all, we should reflect on our own person. What makes you happy, where can you improve? Are you happy with your job? Your life? Everything? Where Can You improve?

2.Reflect on your relationships: Are you happy with this/Them? Personally, or profesionally? Where can we improve? What should be said what is not yet said? Shall you say what bothers you? To help each other grow? Or is it not the right time to do so?

3.Ego2Eco (Self) Coaching: What do you do out of Ego? To have more, want more, etc? Or should you focus more on what really matters? A healthy and happy life? And helping others, or the world with it? Go against your ego, and see what happens. Off course you all know the Ego2Eco picture by now, from my website(s).

4.We should reflect on our actions towards Earth. What can you improve myself, privately, and what professionally? If we are to survive on this planet, we need a major shift of regular jobs, to sustainable ones. So we all need new experts, visionairs, pilots, leaders, employees, and many more. So what can You do for it? You can recycle, eat less meat, buy more organic products, second hand, etc. We all know it by now.

But what about the system? The system also needs to change from Ego2Eco – so not about more more more products, money, power, and what not. But more more more of healthy citizens, healthy planet, healthy economy, and healthy / democratic politics. That is the way to go. But how exactly? I mean, there are already alternative models in place: Doughnut Model (Kate Raworth), the Prosperity Without Growth Model (Tim Jackson), etc. But they hardly speak of the real root of the issue: the Ego, and the shift from Ego to Eco. The real bottom of the iceberg model needs to shift from Ego2Eco (bottom is subconscious behaviour patterns, etc. Top = visible/conscious behaviour, patterns, etc). So if we can shift the bottom, the top will naturally shift too.

Picture: Spiritual Education

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Corona – The Opportunity within a Crisis

Corona – The Opportunity within a Crisis