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When iEarthnl starts with a coaching session, whether with an individual, group, company or organisation, it always comes down to a combination of (1) Logical Reasoning; (2) Empathy and (3) Intuition. So when a client comes in, anything that needs to be discussed is welcome while iEarthnl responds from these 3 combinations, rather than a particular technique. However, iEarthnl uses different tools based on design thinking, experience, inner child healing, spirituality, science, systems theory, psychology, transpersonal coaching, leadership faciliation, and general coaching techniques.

All in all, it is about the Ego2Eco Shift. Self healing is key, and that is to be taught during the sessions. The main purpose after all is that the client and/or organisation can help/lead themselves towards a better and more equal world, for humans and nature alike. 

Reach for the (im) possible! Reach your own true, highest Self & Potential! Reach Your Mount Everest! And become a Sustainable Leader Yourself!

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(Note: I didn´t climb the Mt. Everest, but I awed it from Basecamp and Gokyo Ri in 2005. 


Ego2Eco and Natural Leadership trainings. Explore yourself together with others. Obtain a healthy ego, while remaining true to yourself and equal to others.

Want to book a Training? Contact us via info@iearth.nl

Speeches & Workshops

To inspire, motivate and shift others from Ego to Eco, iEarthnl gives speeches & workshops all over the Globe.

Want to book  us? Contact us via info@iearth.nl

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