​​​​Campaigns & Projects


#SaveTheAmazon and all other natural forests. Why? Check out this video of Lavinia standing up for the Amazon and all other natural forests. 

Indeed, iEarth supports campaigns and actions towards saving and protecting natural forests, including the Amazon. 

Indeed, iEarth collaborates with Progressio Ecuador on protecting the Ecuadorian Amazon and all its inhabitants through their projects and campaigns of World Peace Route & Ecuador 200/90, through Slow/Eco Tourism and the Leadership Programs. 

Friends of Yasuní

One good example of a fossil free initiative is  Yasuni-ITT: refraining from oil exploitation in the Ecuadorian Amazon, with uncontacted indigenous tribes, and investing in a green economy. Now, drilling has started, but Friends of Yasuní supports indigenous communities to protect the park at its best. 

iEarth supports any actions towards a fossil free world. Campaigns, actions and (media) attention towards this are backed by us. 


Reforestation is a great way to combat climate change (forests absorb CO2), biodiversity loss and a healthy environment for humans & nature. Especially Agro-Forestry (combination of agriculture & forestry projects) are supported by us.

iEarth supports Reforestation projects all over the globe, mostly by consultancy, strategy development and/or networking. 

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