​​​​7 Principles of Ego to Eco Sustainability

Stimulating the Ego to Eco Shift in yourself

The Ego to Eco shift is an existential one, rooted in psychology, while stimulating behavioural awareness and change into Eco, which is based on inter- and intra-generational equity for current and future generations, including Nature. Furthermore, it is inspired by theories such as Theory U, the SDGs, Earth Charter, and the Grief Cycle of Kübler-Ross. 

The process starts with downloading information on an event such as the current ecological collapse. Then it dives into seeing and sensing towards the present, while crystalizing the future through prototyping and performance. This process has a lot to do with raising your inner ego towards emotional maturity, which can be a continuous cycle throughout life.

  1. Download information and reflect: Become aware of yourself and the World with its global issues.

  2. Shift the schock and denial into Seeing and Sensing the problem of global ecological collapse as well as your awareness and behaviour.

  3. Presencing: be with your present awareness and behaviour on global issues like climate change and biodiversity. Feel your Ego wanting to shift into Eco. 

  4. Crystalizing and Emotional Maturity:  Step away from the bargaining and depression, and choose emotional maturity instead.

  5. Prototyping, Collaboration and Empowerment: Start collaborations and choose for Eco empowerment, decision making and leadership.

  6. Peform and Resolve as an Eco Leader while focussing on Resilience.

  7. Repeat this process untill your awarenss and behaviour is rooted in Eco, rather than Ego. 

    From Ego to Eco: Emotional Maturity:

    Anxiety into Resolve for peaceful maximum mitigation.
    Anger into Empowerment (impoverished) or Humility (affluent).
    Hate into Respect and Understanding accepting interdependence.
    Guilt into Reparation – need to set up routes for reparation.
    Blame into Forgiveness through reparation.
    Judgement into Trust from collective purpose and resolve.
    Jealousy into (Spiritual) Development for collaboration and mutual acceptance and diveristy. 

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